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Harry Potter, Quidditch and Minors at Diamond Ridge Camps

Posted by steven bernstein on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 02:47 PM

Diamond Ridge's innovative elective based program for Upper Camp (ages 8 - 15) includes campers choosing a Minor activity each day.  Minors allow campers to select a new activity to participate in every afternoon.  Some of the popular Minors are traditional camp activities like boating, tennis, tie dye t-shirts and gaga.  Other Minors are more Enrichment based like yoga, improv, gardening, cupcake wars and mosaics.  Each summer we also introduce new Minors based on current trends, popular culture and suggestions from the campers.

quidditch minorThis past Summer the Minor that quickly became a camper favorite was Quidditch.  What is Quidditch you ask?  If you are fan of the Harry Potter books or movies you know the answer.  Quidditch is a game played in six of the seven Harry Potter books.  It's played by fourteen players at a time riding flying broomsticks (we use pillo polo sticks), using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals.  At Diamond Ridge we play the game on the Lower Camp Soccer Field with the ring-shaped goals attached to the soccer goals.  Quidditch became so popular that our campers insisted that we offer it as a Minor multiple times a week which we were glad to do.

quidditch tournament

Quidditch isn't just a game played at camp.  This past weekend in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, the second annual Brotherly Love Quidditch Tournament was held.  Fifteen college teams competed in the tournament with Chestnut Hill College defeating Penn State 110 - 40 in the final.  There are now approximately 300 college club teams across the country competing in Quidditch on a regular basis. 

The popularity of Quidditch is clearly going to continue.  New this coming summer at Diamond Ridge, Quidditch will be a part of the specialty activity Camp Games for Upper Camp.  It will also be offered frequently as a Minor. 

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