Join our TEAM at
Diamond Ridge Camps

Staff at Diamond Ridge is committed to providing a positive summer experience in a safe and supervised environment.  Taking care of other people's children is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.  

Interested in joining our Team?  Here's what we're looking for...

Work Ethic - The dedication to provide an outstanding and positive experience for our campers.   

Teamwork - There's no "I" in TEAM...and our team at Diamond Ridge is successful because we support each other and work together.  

Responsibility -Make decisions as if the campers were your own children. 

Patience - An essential quality when working with children.

Flexibility - The ability to improvise and change plans quickly.  

Positive Energy - It's contagious.  An upbeat personality catches on.  

Job Descriptions

Senior Counselors - College students, college graduates and teachers.  The counselors are the ones who make the difference between a good summer and a great summer. Counselors assist Arts Staff, Athletic Staff, Outdoors Staff and Aquatics Staff at the respective activities.  Their main responsibility is to look after the physical and emotional well being of their campers.

Junior Counselors - entering 11th-12th grades.  Assist the Senior Counselors with a bunk of children. Some Junior Counselors are also hired to work in specialty areas.

Cabin Counselors - Similar to Senior Counselors.  However, when their campers are at elective activities, Cabin Counselors assist at Arts, Athletics or Outdoors.

Art Teachers - Trained staff that can supervise activities and design lesson plans in Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Jewelcraft, Modelcraft, Scrapbooking, Culinary Arts, Theatre and Woodworking.  

Athletic Coaches - Experience with coaching youth in basketball, baseball, tennis, flag football, soccer, street hockey and gymnastics.

Outdoor Specialists - Trained Facilitators in High Ropes, Low Ropes, Boating, Nature, Archery, Fishing and Orienteering.  

Aquatics Staff - Certified Lifeguards and/or Water Safety Instructors with experience in the American Red Cross swim program.  


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