Teen Travel Testimonials

Here’s what some of our former campers are saying…

“The two summers that I did RWA were by far the best summers of my childhood.  Not only was the experience great in terms of traveling the east coast, Chicago, and Canada, but the friends I made during those summers remain some of my closest friends today.  From RWA, I learned I could be independent, conquer any roller coaster in the world, and have fun whether I was touring Niagara Falls, eating ice cream at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, or even just traveling on a bus.”

Ross Reiter, CPA and Tax Manager at KPMG, Philadelphia

“RWA allowed me to really start shaping my own identity and I had experiences I will take with me for a lifetime and finding forever friends”!

Tara Levine, Director of Youth Engagement, Woodlands Community Temple, White Plains, NY

“Rockwood Adventures was hands down one of the best experiences of my teenage years and opened my eyes to travel and independence. It really prepared me well for college and some of my best friends to this day are from my RWA years. Purple and teal forever!”

Justin Solar, National Publicity at Twentieth Century Fox, New York City

“Aside the actual travel experience, RWA provided me a lifetime filled with memories of some very special people that greatly impacted my life. These people and experiences helped to shape the person I am today…all from 2, 8-week summers of fun and travel.  To be impacted in such a short time-frame speaks volumes of the RWA experience.”

Jonathan Reiter, Manager, Finance and Administration and Adjunct Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia

“Being a kid who didn’t like being away from home, Rockwood Adventures was the perfect choice. It allowed me to travel, explore my independence and spend time with my summer friends away from home while having the comfort of home on the weekends. I still maintain friendships with many of the friends I made on RWA and to this day it still comes up in conversation”.

Lindsey Levine, Manager, Color Me Mine, Wayne, PA